Apr 16, 2024

Truly sentimental Mothers Day gift ideas

Mothers Day presents, are they the motherly thing to focus on?

I’ve always felt a little awkward about requesting specific Mothers Day gift ideas. It is a day to celebrate all we do as mamas, but we tend to do the motherly thing and make it about what our kids want (to give us) instead. Recently I’ve come to peace with the idea that it’s more than ok to want a special little something for our Mothers Day gift as well as letting our kids find their own joy giving as well. After all, we are the only ones who truly know what makes our heart sing when it comes to memories with our little ones, especially when they are small.

Make it about meaningful gifts and leave a ‘hint hint’

Actually – a little ‘hint hint’ list might be just what your partner or kids are hoping for, so don’t be shy – leave your wish list on the fridge (the kids can play Santa!), forward this post or text a few links to your other half. Oh and if you happen to be the other half reading this now, on the search for a meaningful Mothers Day gift, this list is just what you’ve been searching for.

Don’t forget about the hand made and experience gift

While we are on the topic of gifts I can’t help but mention that store bought material things shouldn’t be the only way we consider to treat someone we love (for any occasion), but what about experiences or hand made pieces? Also keeping in mind that we aren’t being wasteful and thoughtless with gifts, not buying just for the sake of it – an important lesson to teach our children.

My list of meaningful Mothers Day gift ideas 2024

With this sentiment in mind, I wanted to share some beautiful Mothers Day gift ideas I’ve stumbled across lately (and yes some of these are on my own wish list).

  1. An adventure to mums favourite outdoor location with a voucher for a dedicated photo taker (partner, dad or family member) for the WHOLE DAY
  2. SETT + MAXX Personalised Pregnancy or Motherhood Statue for a truly unique Mothers Day gift (owner Libby has oh so kindly offered $50.00 off your sculpture when you use code ‘JAYDE50’)
  3. Francesca Keepsake Photo Locket with mums favourite motherhood photo inside
  4. A fresh stem of phalaenopsis orchids, a treat for mums eyes these last for 4+ weeks (also available at in person at Flower Lovers Brisbane)
  5. Bed & Butter The Comfiest Socks to wear while lounging with a cup of mums favourite tea
  6. Mums favourite magazine to flip through in peace, while her favourite dish is whipped up in the kitchen by the kids (with the help of another adult of course)
  7. Milk & Stone Breastmilk Keepsake Jewellery for the breastfeeding mama
  8. Instax Polaroid Camera and all the tiny squares of joy mum can create
  9. A Bencer & Hazelnut Mothers Day mug mama will adore
  10. A motherhood photoshoot gift voucher with her favourite photographer (not sure who? Get in touch with me for all the info you need)

Dahlia Patch Minis and Motherhood Photos for mum

Get in touch with Jayde if a motherhood or family photo shoot is on the cards for you soon! And if you’re swooning over the photos you see in this post add yourself to my Dahlia Patch Minis waitlist for next autumn here.

Permission to indulge on Mothers Day…

As mums we spend a good portion of our days being selfless. Mother’s Day should be a day we get to indulge in celebrating the little delights of motherhood and getting showered with thoughtfulness – whether it be with finger paintings, picnic lunches or that extra special little something you’ve had your eye on. Soak it up mama!

From my mama heart to yours

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