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hello i’m jayde…
Joy Seeker / Mindset Mentor / Personal Branding Coach
I’m here to help you cultivate a mindset that will enable you to infuse your everyday life and work with joy and success.

As someone who used to put happiness and success down to luck, I would let life happen to me. But over the past three years I’ve discovered there was absolutely no truth to this belief. I’ve found the key to unlocking the life I once only ever dreamed of – MINDSET. Now my passion is to share what I’ve learnt about adjusting mindset so that you can fill your days with joy and build a life of everyday happiness and success.

the joy mindset
The joy mindset is my philosophy for life + biz and here’s what it’s all about…

With undeniable neurological evidence that mindset has an incredible amount of influence on our levels of joy and success, it’s become more than just a ‘woo woo’ idea.

Your mindset is the lens you use to view and interpret the world around you. Similarly to putting on a pair of rose coloured glasses, your mindset determines whether you see a situation as positive or negative. This positive or negative outlook then dictates the actions you take either towards or away from your dreams.

Working on your internal and external joy, is what I now know results in a truly happy and successful life and business. With my Instagram, blog, e-courses and kits I share the knowledge, tools and techniques that I’ve spent the past five years researching, learning and implementing in my own life. I want to help you fill your days with JOY!

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Here in my little corner of the internet you’ll find me sharing mindset and business tips to help you cultivate a more joyful and successful life.
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