Collaborate with me

Hello, I’m Jayde and I have a passion for creative collaboration and crafting beautiful content. I’m here to help your brand shine.

With ten years of experience in design and marketing and three years of experience in social media, I have an in-depth understanding of branding and social media marketing. I am passionate about creative collaboration and content creation for businesses and brands.

I want to help you reach your audience with an authentic approach. Whether that means promoting your brand through a collaboration on my social media channels or helping you (and your team) understand and utilise the current social media landscape.

Based in Zurich, Switzerland I am centrally located in Europe and am available to travel globally for on-location content creation and consulting.

Keeping it real

Authenticity and honesty are very important to me. So I love working with businesses and brands which align with my core values. You can learn more about me and the Jayde Archives story here.

Collaboration opportunities

I appreciate that every brand has its own unique mix of requirements. So there are a wide range of ways that we can work together to help you achieve your marketing goals.

Brand ambassadorship

I can help your brand shine with my genuine and trusted opinion by promoting it through my blog and social media

Sponsored posts

Sponsor specific posts on my blog and social media to increase your target audience reach

Events + Talks

If you are holding an event you would like covered I can attend and/or speak around a range of topics, as well as promote it through my social media channels.

Press and social media travel

If you are affiliated with the tourism industry and would like to promote a specific place, service or product then I can create location specific content to be promoted on my social media or blog and/or through your own channels

Consulting services

Social media marketing consulting

With a deep and up to date understanding of the social media landscape I can assist in educating your team and business on social media marketing as well as optionally helping to craft and implement a marketing and/or social media plan to help your business or brand grow its social media presence

Content creation

The creation of specific and unique content (including copy writing, styling, photography and videography) to be used through your own digital channels

Want more information?

Interested in finding out more? For my media kit, availability and pricing you can email me at or send me a message below. I can’t wait to hear from you!