My Philosophy

The joy mindset is my philosophy for life + biz and here’s what it’s all about…

With undeniable neurological evidence that mindset has an incredible amount of influence on our levels of joy and success, it’s become more than just a ‘woo woo’ idea.

Your mindset is the lens you use to view and interpret the world around you. Similarly to putting on a pair of rose coloured glasses, your mindset determines whether you see a situation as positive or negative. This positive or negative outlook then dictates the actions you take either towards or away from your dreams.

Without any mindset lens, each situation we encounter is neutral. It is not good and it is not bad. This is why I could see a fluffy bumble bee buzzing amongst the flowers and feel delighted. While you could see exactly the same thing and feel terrified. Exactly the same situation, completely different mindsets or lenses.

The joy mindset firstly impacts how you feel about yourself and your life – it instills confidence, appreciation and fulfilment. Then as a second layer it impacts how much success you have in your work life or business – resulting in pride, growth and an increased income.

I look at the joy mindset from two perspectives, internal influences such as our focus, emotions and beliefs. As well as the external influences we find in our surrounding environments like light, colours and nature.

Working on your internal and external joy, is what I now know results in a truly happy and successful life and business. With my Instagram, photography, blog and e-course I share the knowledge, tools and techniques that I’ve spent the past five years researching, learning and implementing in my own life.

I want to help you spark the joy in your life with the content I share and help you capture and keep your most joy filled moments with my photography.