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Want to get Carry-On Only Ready?

The Perfect Carry-On Case

I get lots of questions about my carry-on suitcase! I love my Samsonite Tru-Frame 20″ because it has a hard shell so is very protective and also has clasps instead of a zipper – which makes it really easy to quickly open and close. In case the Tru-Frame is currently sold out I’ve also included some other favourites for you! Want to know how I pack for a whole holiday in one compact case? I’ve put together all of my see all of my carry-on only wardrobes for you here.

Carry-On Toiletries

My tried and tested favourites for keeping toiletries to a minimum and making sure you have no leaks or spills while in transit! If you’d like some more insight into how I pack you can read all about my carry-on toiletries here.