the simple daily practice that creates magic…

Even though mindset is the single most important element to a happy life, it’s often the first thing that gets neglected in the hectic, stagnant or negative times of our lives. Mindset Magic is a free community created to help you start a daily gratitude practice and help keep you dedicated to the simple daily practice that will have an almost magical effect on your life.

how does mindset magic work?
  • 🙋‍♀️ Join the FREE Mindset Magic community & start at any time
  • 👋 Read the welcome pack & introduce yourself to the group
  • 🆓 Use your own journal and trackers (FREE)
  • 💌 OR get your Mindset Magic 90 Day Gratitude Retreat Kit
  • ✏️ Commit to 90 days of 10+ mins on your daily gratitude ☀️ & 🌙 
  • 💬 Set up your daily reminders using your calendar alerts
  • ✔️ Check-in with the group each week to stay accountable
  • 🔮 Share the magic you start to see appear in your life as you practice
  • 🥳 Cheer each other on, celebrate the wins & hold each other accountable
what’s in the kit?

With the Mindset Magic 90 Day Gratitude Retreat Kit you get everything you need to start a committed daily gratitude practice, including:

  • 🧭 Daily Gratitude Starter Guide â€“ Learn best practices for gratitude journaling and understand the different elements to record and why they are so important
  • 🌙 Morning and Evening Gratitude Template Printables â€“ Specially created by Jayde this template incorporates everything she’s learnt about gratitude over her past two years of research and experience, there’s nothing else like it out in the world which is why she created it
  • ⏳90 Day Gratitude & Mood Tracker Printable â€“ The most satisfying way to keep track of goals is to tick them off each day and see your progress on paper, this tracker will give you daily list ticking satisfaction – keep track of your gratitude, the weather, moon phase, cycle phase and mood
  • 🔮 Free Access to the Mindset Magic Community â€“ The Mindset Magic community has been designed to be a collaborative space where we can all share thoughts, questions, insights and resources. We are all on a journey to improving our mindset and finding more magic in our everyday, so it’s important to cheer each other on and hold each other accountable with weekly check-ins. Check out the community here.