hello, I'm Jayde


about me

Here to bring your personal motherhood Fairytale to life

Since I picked up my first camera many years ago, creating heartfelt, whimsical and fairytale like images is what I have always been passionate about.

Becoming a mother myself in 2020 opened my eyes to how beautiful, raw and life changing motherhood is. I'm also learning how time with our young children is so fleeting.

I understand how important it is to you to exist in the photos that will one day be the legacy that tells your story.

about you

you want to exist in the photographs that tell your family story

You quietly wish to be in more photos with your children but you either feel self conscious asking or you are just tired of having to ask.

You celebrate your children whenever you can, but often forget to celebrate yourself.

You can't bare to forget all the precious details of your babies and children.

You want to see yourself how your children see you - with love.

You want to feel good in your own skin, just the way it is right now.

You want to leave a legacy behind for your children and your children's children to hold in their hands.

Are you ready to write your own history?

If you're ready to tell your motherhood story get in touch using this form. I'd be honoured to help you bottle up every precious detail of your motherhood journey and can't wait to hear about your visions and ideas for your dream photo shoot.