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I'm Jayde

The Person Behind The Lens

MAMA, Joy seeker, magic maker & Motherhood photographer...

I've spent the past five years living overseas, traveling Europe and exploring. Now with my feet firmly planted back in Brisbane on Australian soil it's with a full heart to know you're considering me to be your maternity, motherhood or family photographer...


A few things about me

I actually have a degree IN

I'm obsessed with

Flowers & photography

Graphic design

No place I'd rather be than

Nothing makes me happier than

Brisbane Motherhood Photographer Picnic

Hearing Ollie laugh

The beach at sunset

I started this business In

I’m addicted to

My daily cup of coffee


My favourite kind of photography

I was born in



Brisbane Motherhood Photographer Swiss Mountains

My journey so far

When I moved to Switzerland from Brisbane, Australia in 2016 I decided to take off my corporate career hat and pick up my camera instead. With a heart full of wanderlust and mind full of dreams I spent my first three years traveling, taking photos and sharing my adventures. I had no idea where my journey would lead me but I hoped it would be some place where everyday life became something I looked forward to...

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It all began with a blog...

I spent our first year abroad finding my feet, trying to figure out exactly what my blog was about and fighting so many moments of self-doubt. I couldn’t even tell you how many evenings Jase spent trying to pep me up and encourage me to keep going (he’s a gem that guy). And finally, after what felt like an eternity of trying to make things work, during our second year something clicked for me. And it was that success doesn’t come down to luck, I was in control of how successful I could be. I started understanding how important mindset is to every facet of my life. The more I understood and practiced the more my business began to grow.

Having grown up and lived in Australia for most my life, at the end of 2016 when my husband was offered a job in Switzerland we both jumped at the opportunity. We knew that it would be the adventure of a lifetime for both of us. So we sold our house and cars, stored the essentials and farewelled our family and friends. I left my corporate career in graphic design and marketing to realise my dream of turning my Instagram account @jayde_archives into a blog.

Slowly but surely my own style started to blossom to life...

My fourth year in Switzerland brought me my biggest adventure yet – my son Ollie. It’s Ollie that has been the final push I needed to not only take photos for myself but to start offering my photography to the world. It has been my journey with Ollie that has inspired me to really focus myself as not only a maternity and family photographer but a Brisbane motherhood photographer too. Now as we transition back to life in Australia I cannot wait to see where I will venture next.

I shared my photos daily, always pushing my creative and technical boundaries. Slowly but surely my own unique style slowly began to blossom to life. I loved to put on my rose tinted glasses and view the world through a fairytale lens, seeking out the most swoon-worthy locations. And if you take a look at my work you’ll probably see I have a particular fascination for flower filled spots.

These are the golden days

I can't wait to capture the magic of your story and help you freeze this chapter of your life in time.

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