Nice to e-meet you

So nice to e-meet you! I’m Jayde, an Aussie living in Switzerland (often seen riding my pink bike past our local castle) and on a journey to live a happier, simpler and more eco friendly life.

As a minimalist who wears more pink than black and white, an everyday girl trying to live my most eco-friendly life (I’m a proud outfit repeater and capsule wardrobe addict) and a blogger who openly shares resources and knowledge (test me out – send me an email or DM me on Instagram), I hope to give you that little (or big) nudge you need to chase your wildest dreams – especially when they push the boundaries.


I like people who get excited about the change of seasons, the sound of the ocean, watching a sunset, the smell of rain and starry nights.

I believe that true happiness does not need to be found. We already have it surrounding us in the small everyday things and moments. Pink sunrises, birds chirping, fresh coffee and cuddly blankets. The things that are there for everyone.

Here in my little corner of the internet you’ll find me sharing my travel diaries, light packing guides, capsule wardrobes, organisational & eco living ideas and personal branding tips (which includes all the good stuff like photography, Instagram and blogging).


I have always longed to create something beautiful which embodies my love for travel, slow fashion, and minimal living. Something that would allow me to share my journey and inspire others.

Having grown up and lived in Australia for most my life, at the end of 2016 when my husband was offered a job in Switzerland we both jumped at the opportunity. We knew that it would be the adventure of a lifetime for both of us. So we sold our house and cars, stored the essentials and farewelled our family and friends. I left my corporate career in graphic design and marketing to realise my dream of turning my Instagram account @jayde_archives into a blog.

I spent our first year abroad finding my feet, trying to figure out exactly what my blog was about and fighting so many moments of self-doubt. I couldn’t even tell you how many evening Jase spent trying to pep me up and encourage me to keep going (he’s a gem that guy). And finally, after what felt like an eternity of trying to make things work, during our second year something clicked for me. I started understanding my personal brand and how to communicate it better. My blog traffic, Pinterest reach, email subscribers and Instagram followers all started growing.

Now as I sit here at the beginning of our third year in Switzerland I am full of purpose and so excited for the things I have planned for Jayde Archives. I can’t wait to share more soon and take you along on the journey with me.

Big love,

P.S. If you are a brand interested in working with Jayde Archives you can find more information here.


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