A Spring/Summer Gender Neutral Baby Capsule Wardrobe

March 18, 2021

Here we are nine months since I did Ollie’s first capsule wardrobe and I’m finally doing another one. Of course last time I did not know it was Ollie I was creating the capsule for – I didn’t even know if we were having a boy or a girl. So know we know we have a little boy, but I still wanted to keep his wardrobe more on the gender neutral side. For a few reasons, firstly I want to be able to use most of his clothes again for future babies. Secondly I’m not a big fan of really gendered clothing like the typical ‘boy’ or ‘girl’ outfits.

I’ve created this capsule for Ollie who will be wearing it from 9 to around 15 months but you could use the same formula for any age baby. I’ve learnt a lot since I created his first capsule in terms of practicality and comfort!


For the past couple of years I have been making a conscious effort to ensure any new pieces I add to my own capsule wardrobes are coming from ethical/sustainable brands. This is a philosophy I have carried through to my baby capsule wardrobe too. I have a mix of very sustainable brands and some pieces from more generic brands that use organic cotton.

Look for the ECO symbol next to items that are from ethical and/or sustainable brands.



Even though this is a gender neutral wardrobe I still want it to have colour and pattern and fun! So I’ve chosen a colour palette with some tones that have been inspired by nature – the sky, the grass, the earth. I wouldn’t say any of these colours are typically masculine or feminine. I also chose colours that mix and match really well together without clashing – because one thing I love about capsules is that it’s so easy to get dressed because each piece has been considered and chosen carefully.


My final gender neutral baby capsule wardrobe came down to 30 pieces, plus accessories like socks, hats and bibs. The last baby capsule I created had 32 pieces and I felt like it was a really nice number so that you always have clean clothes on hand but it’s not an overwhelming (or unnecessary number).

I’ve tried to choose an even mix of short sleeves and long sleeves so that this wardrobe can be used for the wide range of temperatures we get in spring and summer. The pieces can be layered really easily to create warmer or cooler outfits.



I’ve included a mix of light, mid-weight and heavy pieces to cover the different weather we have in spring and summer. Spring often starts off cooler and then by mid summer it’s really warm. I do have more light and mid-weight pieces because for a majority of the time it will be on the warmer side.

If you live somewhere with milder seasons, the mix of pieces might even be suitable for you all year. Or if you don’t really have seasons you can simply swap out the warmer or cooler pieces or remove them all together.



The only reason I think this capsule isn’t suitable for 0-3 months is because for a newborn I would have more long sleeve onesies or sleepers as they spend much more time sleeping than playing. Whereas these outfits have been curated for comfortable play. You can take a peek at my newborn capsule here.

I have chosen every piece for comfort and practicality. After using the last capsule I created I learnt that there are certain outfits that just don’t get used because they are too complicated to put on and change nappies in. I would avoid anything with too many buttons, thick or tough fabric that isn’t easy to move in, kimono style onesies (these are great for newborns but annoying to put on older babies) and anything that would be restricting when you’re learning to roll, crawl, sit and walk.

One thing I started doing after Ollie was 3 months old was sizing up with his clothes.. He just grows so fast that it feels so wasteful to buy things that will only fit for a month or so. So I also make sure whatever I buy will look good oversized or with rolled sleeves or legs. Now I get 3-6 months or more out of his clothes rather than what felt like just weeks!


Below I’ve put together just a handful of the outfits you can make up from the pieces in my gender neutral baby capsule wardrobe.


Want a little tour through my gender neutral baby capsule wardrobe, take a peek at the video below:


Like these pieces? Here’s a little list with some links for you:

Short Onesies:

Long Onesies:

  • White Long Sleeve Onesie
  • Terracotta Striped Long Sleeve Onesie by Petit Piao
  • White Long Sleeve Onesie
  • Terracotta Striped Long Sleeve Onesie by Petit Piao ECO
  • Cherry Long Sleeve Onesie by Konges Slodj
  • Blue Long Sleeve Onesie by XXX





  • Terracotta T-Shirt by My Little Cozmo (from Yay Kids*)
  • Light Blue Knit T-Shirt by Lullaby Club
  • Green Long Sleeve Top by Mingo (from Yay Kids*)


  • White Speckle Sweater
  • Green Cardigan
  • Green ‘Animals are my Friends’ Sweater by OrganicZoo
  • Blue ‘ Love my Planet’ Sweater by Sanetta (from Stadtlandkind*)


Big love,

Sometimes I use affiliate links and feature products that were kindly gifted to me, all gifted items are marked with a *. However all opinions are 100% my own. I only ever recommend brands and things that I personally love!

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