The Mamas + Comfort Lovers Capsule Wardrobe

March 26, 2021

I don’t think I’ve ever been happier to see spring and summer on the way! After a long winter of lock downs and disappointments spring has been my light at the end of the tunnel for what feels forever. I’ve pretty much had the same outfit all day everyday of tights and a tee because there hasn’t been anywhere to go and I just don’t find ‘proper’ winter clothes to be comfy for around the house.

But now that dress season is here I can’t wait to start wearing real clothes again! One of the many things I love about warmer weather is that you can get dressed in the morning in something comfortable like a flowy dress or top and shorts and you can just go ahead and walk right out the door without adding layers and boots and scarves and gloves and… you get my point. It’s just a carefree time of the year and I wanted my capsule to reflect that.

As always my main goal is comfort that looks good. But this time around I wanted to make sure everything was really easy to chuck on quickly (I don’t have the time I used to have to get ready in the morning anymore). There’s plenty of pieces you will recognise from previous capsules but as I like to do, I’ve weaved in a few new things that line up with my new goals and ever evolving style.

Sustainability and Ethics in my Capsules ECO

For the past couple of years I have been making a conscious effort to ensure any new pieces I add are coming from ethical/sustainable brands. After doing lots of research about the best (and most beautiful – because it’s still important to love what you wear) ethical/sustainable fashion brands I put together a list of my favourites here.

Look for the ECO symbol next to items that are from ethical and/or sustainable brands.

Colour Palette + Theme

White / Rose / Lilac / Periwinkle

My colour palette is (not surprisingly) inspired by flowers and I’ve found myself with more lilac pieces than ever this time around. I’m still slightly obsessed with pastels and light colours so they make up a majority of my wardrobe. I think it’s important that whatever colour palette you choose it should be full of the colours that make you feel good. And as a rule of thumb it’s good to have a base of neutrals (like white, grey, brown or black) and then choose 2-3 accent colours that all look good together. This will help keep everything really easy to mix and match and reduce meltdowns at the wardrobe!

Capsule Formula

My final comfort covid capsule wardrobe came down to 41 pieces, including shoes. I usually find between 35 and 45 pieces to be enough to keep things feeling fresh.

You could condense the number of pieces if you like by not doubling up or having as many options.

Weather Suitability

Spring and Summer

I’ve included a mix of weights, textures and materials to suit a warmer climate. But I’ve also made sure I can layer up if we do get some cooler days. The focus for every piece chosen was comfort and so there are a lot of loose linens, cottons and knits.

Lifestyle Suitability


Because I work for myself I’m able to stick to a casual style all the time, which is why my capsule doesn’t include any formal pieces. With a busy, growing baby who is always on the go I’ve also stayed away from pieces that would just annoy me to be wearing while I need to be active with him. Also nothing too short because these days I’m always bending down to pick Ollie or his toys or his mess up!

And even though comfort is a priority I’ve made an effort to include pieces that are not only comfortable and practical but make me feel a bit dressed up. I still think no matter what life stage you’re at you should feel good in what you wear.


For outfit ideas take a peek at my Instagram Stories highlight called ‘Capsule’.


Want a little tour through my mamas and comfort lovers capsule wardrobe? Take a peek at my vlog:

Comfort Covid Capsule Wardrobe Item List

Like these pieces? You can shop them and support Jayde Archives at the same time by using some of the affiliate links below:

  1. Legoe Heritage Singlet (old)
  2. J. Crew Broderie Lace Cami Lila (old)
  3. Lullaby Club Teresa Gingham Cami ECO
  4. Bird and Kite Tie Up Cami (old)
  5. Everlane White Tee (old)
  6. Madewell Embroidered Shirt (old)
  7. Madewell Striped Top (old)
  8. Lilac Slub Tee (old)
  9. Everlane Long Sleeve Tee White ECO
  10. Free People Blouse (old)
  11. Lullaby Club Cardigan ECO
  12. Legoe Heritage Sweater* (Maternity)
  13. Lullaby Club Sweater ECO
  14. Steele Jagger Rainbow Sweater
  15. Everlane Twisted Merino Cardigan* ECO
  16. ASOS Denim Girlfriend Jacket (old)
  17. Everlane Cocoon Coat ECO
  18. Levi Overalls (old)
  19. Lullaby Club Smock Dress Gingham ECO
  20. Free People Dress (old)
  21. Lullaby Club Smock Dress Lilac ECO
  22. Innika Choo Convertible Dress/Skirt ECO
  23. Son de Flor Smock Dress ECO
  24. August the Label Floral Dress (old)
  25. Nothing Fits But Momoka Dress
  26. Innika Choo Scallop Dress ECO
  27. Nothing Fits But Kiko Dress
  28. Steels Ruffle Skirt (old)
  29. Everlane Denim Shorts ECO
  30. Lullaby Club Teresa Gingham Shorts ECO
  31. Lullaby Club Alex Knit Shorts ECO
  32. Armed Angels Mom Jeans (Detox Denim) ECO
  33. Everlane Straight Corduroys ECO
  34. Lullaby Club Knit Pants ECO
  35. Saltwater Sandals Retro Slides ECO
  36. Teva Velcro Sandals
  37. Saltwater Sandals Classic ECO
  38. Everlane Ballet Flats ECO
  39. Veja Sneakers ECO
  40. Ten Points Ankle Boots ECO
  41. Blundstone Chelsea Boots

Big love,

Sometimes I use affiliate links and feature products that were kindly gifted to me, all gifted items are marked with a *. However all opinions are 100% my own. I only ever recommend brands and things that I personally love!

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