My Comfy Boho Maternity Postpartum Capsule Wardrobe

With the change of seasons just around the corner it’s time for me to update my capsule wardrobe again! But this time I’ve really had to rethink my capsule because as you probably know by now I’m pregnant. At the moment I am 26 weeks along and want this capsule to work for my bump as well as postpartum recovery and breast feeding. So this spring/summer I’ve put together a maternity postpartum capsule wardrobe.

So while I have made lots of considerations around those things, even if you aren’t pregnant but enjoy my styling and my preference for comfort I think you’ll still be able to find some inspiration in this capsule.

Because I need to swap up quite a few pieces in this wardrobe compared to others (because my existing clothes don’t fit and aren’t suitable for breastfeeding), I’ve taken the opportunity to mix up my colour palette (yes I’m stepping outside of my blush comfort zone) and play with some new silhouettes.

Sustainability and Ethics in my Capsules ECO

For the past couple of years I have been making a conscious effort to ensure any new pieces I add are coming from ethical/sustainable brands. After doing lots of research about the best (and most beautiful – because it’s still important to love what you wear) ethical/sustainable fashion brands I put together a list of my favourites here.

Look for the ECO symbol next to items that are from ethical and/or sustainable brands.

Colour Palette + Theme

White / Camel / Rose / Lilac / Sea Foam

I had the urge to make my colour palette a little more earthy and diverse for my maternity postpartum capsule wardrobe. But of course I still love my blush and whites so have kept these tones in too. My final palette ended up being white, camel, rose, lilac and sea foam – and not only in one shade but in pastels, mid-tones and dark-tones. Using different tones of each colour is a really great way to add in some diversity without losing the mix-and-match ability of your capsule.

In terms of a theme for the style of this capsule I wanted it to incorporate comfort with a dreamy, floaty, romantic feeling. This meant including lots of natural fabrics, loose fitting pieces, ruffle details and soft textures.

Below I’ve put together a mood board of my final colour palette along with some examples of the style I’m aiming for. Mood boards are always a great way to visualise what you’re thinking and really help when picking out new pieces or combining different pieces.

Capsule Formula

My final maternity postpartum capsule wardrobe came down to 43 pieces, including shoes. Most of my other capsules have been slightly smaller, but I know with a new baby I might need to wash/change more often if there are accidents! So I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t have the added stress of running out of clothes for myself.

You could condense the number of pieces if you like by not doubling up or having as many options for things like camis, tees, long sleeves and dresses.

Weather Suitability


I’ve included a mix of light, mid-weight and heavy pieces to cover the different weather we have in spring and summer. Spring often starts off cooler and then by mid summer it’s really warm. I do have more light and mid-weight pieces because for a majority of the time it will be on the warmer side.

If you live somewhere with milder seasons, the mix of pieces might even be suitable for you all year. Or if you don’t really have seasons you can simply swap out the warmer or cooler pieces or remove them all together.

Lifestyle Suitability


Because I work for myself I’m able to stick to a casual style all the time, which is why my capsule doesn’t include any formal pieces. Of course I also expect that while I have a changing body and will soon have a young baby, comfort will be a big priority.

And even though comfort is a priority I’ve made an effort to include pieces that are not only comfortable and practical but make me feel a bit dressed up. I still think no matter what life stage you’re at you should feel good in what you wear.

The Bump

Because I am wearing this capsule for the second and third trimesters of my pregnancy I had to consider that I would fit into the pieces with my bump but that those same pieces would also look good without the bump after birth.

I was able to find some really lovely brands that create pieces specifically for use during and after pregnancy, as well as incorporate existing pieces that were long enough and flowy enough to work over the bump. I found that most of my existing skirts and dresses were a style that worked well for this. However when it came to pants and tops I had to rethink things and add in some new pieces.

Breast Feeding

Not only did the items in my maternity postpartum capsule wardrobe need to work for the bump, but I also wanted them to make breast feeding as stress-free and comfortable as possible too.

The things I considered when choosing which pieces to include were:

  • Reduce pieces that need a strapless bra – may be more awkward to breast feed with
  • Button down tops/dresses
  • Loose fitting tops that are easy to pull up
  • Special features designed for breast feeding like hidden zippers and openings for tops/dresses


Below I’ve put together just a handful of the outfits you can make up from the pieces in my maternity postpartum capsule wardrobe.


Want a little tour through my maternity postpartum capsule wardrobe? Take a peek at my vlog:

Loungewear Capsule Wardrobe Item List

Like these pieces? You can shop them and support Jayde Archives at the same time by using some of the affiliate links below:

  1. Legoe Heritage Tank* (Maternity) ECO
  2. Vera Moda Aware Cami ECO
  3. Dorothy Perkins Cami (Maternity)
  4. Boob Design Tee* (Maternity) ECO
  5. Boob Design Tee (Maternity) ECO
  6. ASOS Sustainability Tee (Maternity) ECO
  7. Witchery Long Sleeve Top (old)
  8. Envie de Fraise Top (Maternity)
  9. ASOS Sustainability Long Sleeve Top (Maternity) ECO
  10. Free People Tunic (old, similar here)
  11. Boob Design Blouse (Maternity) ECO
  12. Spring Ruffle Top (Maternity)
  13. Everlane Cashmere Sweater ECO
  14. Legoe Heritage Sweater* (Maternity)
  15. Oysho Sweater
  16. Everlane Twisted Merino Cardigan* ECO
  17. Esprit Cardigan (old, similar here)
  18. Everlane Cocoon Coat ECO
  19. Free People Teddy Jacket
  20. Selected Femme Wool Coat ECO
  21. Lego Heritage Jumpsuit (Maternity)
  22. Boob Design Jumpsuit* (Maternity) ECO
  23. Rowie the Label Dress ECO (old, similar here)
  24. Legoe Heritage Shirt Dress* (Maternity)
  25. Bird and Kite Dress* ECO
  26. Mara Mea Maxi Dress* (Maternity) ECO
  27. Innika Choo Maxi Dress ECO
  28. Bird and Kite Maxi Skirt* ECO
  29. Free People Skirt (old, similar here)
  30. Steele Skirt (old, similar here)
  31. Rhythm Linen Shorts (old, similar here)
  32. Everlane Denim Shorts ECO
  33. Esprit Jeggings Light (Maternity)
  34. Esprit Jeggings Dark (Maternity)
  35. Boob Design Flare Pants* (Maternity) ECO
  36. Legoe Heritage Pants* (Maternity)
  37. Birkenstock Slides ECO
  38. Teva Trekking Sandals
  39. Saltwater Sandals ECO
  40. Everlane Ballet Flats ECO
  41. Veja Sneakers ECO
  42. Ten Points Ankle Boots ECO
  43. Blundstone Chelsea Boots

Big love,

Sometimes I use affiliate links and feature products that were kindly gifted to me, all gifted items are marked with a *. However all opinions are 100% my own. I only ever recommend brands and things that I personally love!

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