The One Drawer Loungewear Capsule Wardrobe

February 13, 2020

Ever since I started my main everyday wear capsule wardrobe I’ve been thinking about also having an around-the-house loungewear capsule too. Something full of comfy versatile pieces that look good but more importantly feel good to be in.

My goal with my loungewear capsule was to have a very small selection of clothes (that fit into just one drawer), that are suitable for every season and can last between my once per week clothes washing.

So for the last six months I’ve been testing out this loungewear capsule wardrobe (because I wanted to get it right before sharing it) and I’m very happy to say that I think I’ve got it close to perfect!

Sustainability and Ethics in my Capsules ECO

For the past twelve months I have been making a conscious effort to ensure any new pieces I add are coming from ethical/sustainable brands. After doing lots of research about the best (and most beautiful – because it’s still important to love what you wear) ethical/sustainable fashion brands I put together a list of my favourites here.

Look for the ECO symbol next to items that are from ethical and/or sustainable brands.

Colour Palette

Black / White / Taupe / Blush / Lilac

I’ve included three neutrals and two accent colours in my loungewear capsule wardrobe. Because I have a limited number of pieces I wanted to have a majority of the pieces be neutral so that I’m able to mix and match as much as possible.

I was also mindful to choose colours I feel good wearing, because my goal with this capsule wasn’t just about minimalism but also about feeling good when I’m around the house.

Capsule Formula

My final loungewear capsule wardrobe came down to just 16 pieces (this includes two bras and one pair of ugg boots too!). I find that these 16 pieces are just enough to allow me to stick to my once per week clothes wash and they still fit nicely inside just one drawer.

One Drawer Storage

While my everyday capsule wardrobe is stored in an open hanger and open shelves (see my exact set up here), I wanted my loungewear to be stored in a single drawer so it’s not taking up much room and easy to see everything at once.

I use the Kon Mari method of folding (see the tutorial here) to make sure each piece is visible and nothing gets lost at the bottom.

Weather Suitability

All Seasons

I’ve included a mix of tanks, tees, sweaters, shorts, pants and all-in-ones to suit my climate and lifestyle. Keep in mind I live in a heated apartment so during winter I don’t need anything too heavy. This formula should just be used as a rough guide and adjusted to suit you. If for example you live somewhere that is warm all year round you might swap out the wintery things for more dresses and shorts. Or if you live somewhere that you need warmer items in winter you might add in another sweater.

Lifestyle Suitability

Around the House

When I’m at home I’m working, cooking, cleaning, relaxing – my main priority is comfort and practicality. I get uncomfortable wearing things like jeans or anything to restrictive. This is why I’ve chosen soft, loose pieces to fill my loungewear capsule. However if you like wearing different types of clothes around the house keep this in mind when you’re building your own capsule.


Below I’ve put together just a handful of the outfits you can make up from the pieces in my loungewear capsule wardrobe as an example of how versatile it is. When I’m at home I don’t want to have to think too hard about what I’m wearing, so having pieces that mix and match really easily was important to me.


Want a little tour through my loungewear capsule wardrobe? Take a peek at my vlog:

Loungewear Capsule Wardrobe Item List

Like these pieces? You can shop them and support Jayde Archives at the same time by using some of the affiliate links below:

  1. Everlane Air Cami* ECO
  2. Everlane Linen Muscle Tank ECO
  3. Madewell Tee
  4. Calida 100% Nature Compostable Tee* ECO
  5. Lucy & Yak Organic Tee* ECO
  6. Lucy & Yak Sweater* ECO
  7. Armed Angels Organic Sweat Pants ECO
  8. Calida Sweat Pants*
  9. Harem Pants (old)
  10. Free People Cascading Petal Shorts (sold out)
  11. Black and White Cotton Shorts (old)
  12. Stalf Studio Cocoon Playsuit ECO
  13. Son de Flor Sleeveless Smock Linen Dress ECO
  14. Black White Rabbit NY Bra* (or similar Organic Basics here) ECO
  15. Nude White Rabbit NY Bra* (or similar Organic Basics here) ECO
  16. Ugg Boots

Big love,

Sometimes I use affiliate links and feature products that were kindly gifted to me, all gifted items are marked with a *. However all opinions are 100% my own. I only ever recommend brands and things that I personally love!

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