A Simple Zero Waste To-Go Travel Kit

In the past year I’ve been making an effort to use less disposables around the house. I’ve eliminated things like cling wrap, zip lock bags and baking paper. I have reuse-able ear buds and cotton pads. The next step for me now is putting together a zero waste to-go travel kit for when I’m out and about.

Most of the things I’ve included in my kit I already had and was already using. However I kept finding myself in situations where I would have no choice but to either eat with my hands or use plastic cutlery, use a disposable wipe or take a napkin. So I’ve gathered all of my zero waste favourites and added in anything I was missing to create a compact grab-and-go style kit.

You might also notice the handbag I have in this post – and I’ve got to quickly mention how amazing it is. It’s by one of my favourite ethical and eco conscious brands Everlane and I’m in love. It’s called The Form Bag and it’s big enough to fit my water bottle, camera and handbag essentials, but it’s not too big. It has a nice wide strap so the weight of the bag doesn’t dig in on my shoulders and it has magnetic closures at the top so it’s a breeze to open and close on the go. It makes the perfect companion with my zero waste to-go travel kit!

So what’s in the kit? Well I’ve kept it as minimal as possible and have narrowed it down to these seven things:

My Simple Zero Waste To-Go Travel Kit

1. Wet Bag

The first thing I’ve included is a wet bag – basically a water proof bag with a zip closure. I use the wet bag to not only hold the entire kit together in one neat little pack but also to keep any dirty/used items in while I’m on the go. Things like cutlery, cotton wipes and my coffee lid. This keeps anything dirty seperate from the rest of my bag and I can easily take anything that needs washing out of the wet bag when I get home.

You can use any kind of water proof bag you already have at home, or most cloth diaper brands sell them as part of their range. The one I have is the Mini Wet Bag by Eco Naps.

2. Produce Bag

Next up is a little drawstring cotton mesh/net bag that is perfect for produce at the supermarket or anything else you would normally use a little plastic bag to hold. I picked up mine from my local supermarket.

3. Shopping Bag

This one is a no-brainer – a shopping bag. Of course if I am going out specifically to do a big grocery shop I’ll take more than one. But if I am just out and about I’ll keep one on me in case I buy something. Whenever I’m asked if I need a bag I say no thanks! You can use any cloth bag you have at home already, or if you want something more compact there are lots of options that fold into little pouches like these ones.

4. Cotton Wipes

I always used to have a packet of disposable wipes in my handbag, so I’ve swapped them over for mini terry cotton squares. I don’t use them often so I only have two in my kit – but depending on your lifestyle you might want to include more. I actually only came across these in preparation for bub coming in June. We don’t want to use disposable baby wipes (95% of wipes on the market contain micro plastics that take 100 years to break down) and so I purchased a pack of organic Cheeky Wipes and have taken two of them for my kit.

5. Cutlery Set

This is one I desperately needed to add to my kit – a bamboo cutlery set for eating out and about. It saves using disposable plastic cutlery and straws, The little set I found by Strawganic comes in a cotton case and includes a spoon, knife, fork, straw and straw cleaner.

6. Water Bottle

Ok so you may have heard me raving about my water bottle already here or on Instagram, but I love it. It’s compact, stainless steel and multi functional. I have the Mizu V5 bottle and most of the time I use it for water with the straw lid attachment. However it can also be used as a thermos or coffee/tea cup with a simple lid change. Another great option is the range by Frank Green.

7. Coffee/Tea Lid

As I mentioned above my Mizu bottle also has a coffee/tea lid attachment. So instead of carrying around a water bottle and a coffee/tea cup I use the same bottle for both. The great thing about the Mizu bottle is that it’s made from stainless steel so it doesn’t take on any coffee or tea flavours when you switch back to water. I simply ask the cafe to tip out my water and make my coffee in it. Then when I’m done I find a drinking water fountain, rinse it out and fill it back up with water.

Big love,

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