Why you Need to Understand what ‘Good Vibes’ Really Means

September 6, 2019

You hear it in songs, you see it used by brands, you probably even say it yourself, but have you ever thought more deeply about what ‘good vibes’ really means? The word ‘vibes’ is actually short for ‘vibrations’ and it isn’t just used in the term ‘good vibes’, but you might have also heard it used like this – “I’m really vibing with that person” or “This place is giving me bad vibes”.

We live in a world made up of vibrations

Essentially vibrations are frequencies or waves. Science has known it for a long time – you see using vibrations of light and you hear using vibrations of sound. Your nervous system interprets different levels of vibration into sight, sound, touch, smell and taste. But not only do you interpret vibrations from the world around you, you also create vibrations with your emotions and thoughts. And this is where the term ‘good vibes’ comes in. You are like two-way radio, you receive and interpret vibrations from around you, and you also create and send vibrations out into the world.

Being on the same vibe

If someone has good vibes, it means they are creating positive emotion/thought vibrations. When you vibe well with someone it means that you are both creating similar emotion/thought vibrations (these could be positive or negative vibrations). You know that saying “on the same wave length” – it makes perfect sense now right? As an example, radio stations use specific frequencies. If you tune your radio to a certain frequency, you know you will hear a certain radio station. It’s the same when you ‘tune’ your emotions to a specific frequency, you will be drawn to other people tuned to that frequency. This is why the people you are drawn to will often have a similar outlook on life, and people who you are put off by will have a very different outlook on life.

Emotional Vibrations. What good vibes really means.

Good vibes and bad vibes

Each thought or emotion you think or feel creates either a negative or positive vibration. Just like the scale of radio frequencies uses numbers to identify different radio channels, the scale of emotional frequencies uses feelings to identify different emotional channels. My favourite emotional scale is by Esther and Jerry Hicks. They have put together a scale of 22 emotional set points, which you can see below. This scale allows you to identify where you are now and which emotions you need to move through to get where you want to be.

Emotional Set-Points. What good vibes really means. Abraham Hicks.

Changing your vibration

On a radio you cannot get to channel 96.5 from channel 96.9 without first dialing past 96.6, 96.7 and 96.8. Similarly you cannot get from feeling depressed to feeling joy without first moving through all the emotions in between. Which is why to be able to improve your feelings and have more positive emotions you have to constantly reach for the ‘better’ feeling thoughts you have access to from where you currently are. This means that you won’t always be reaching for joy, because you might be too far away to reach it. But for now you can reach for contentment and from there for hopefulness and then optimism and enthusiasm. Then once you are close enough to joy you can reach for it.

So now you know – good vibes means creating positive emotional/thought vibrations. Being in a state of positive emotion will not only attract other people with good vibes, but it’s also key to attracting anything your heart desires. 

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Love and honor and hope

Hi Jayde!

Love this post! Definitely insightful for people like me who wasnt sure what vibes are before. I wasn’t a believer of vibes until I started my profession and was surround by heavy negative vibes from one person. I believed before that i was a ray of sunshine and that sun is impenetrable but man was i wrong. it’s really important to not just be positive but surrounding yourself of that same vibe too!

I’m also working on a blog (still in its infancy stage) called The Green Bound where it’ll be filled with content on personal development (from career to life), sustainability and financial literacy. hope you can stop by and check it out when it’s launched. stay safe!