My 19′ Boho Minimal Spring Capsule Wardrobe

March 8, 2019

Ok so this is one of my favourite times of the year… we are starting to hear the birds chirp and the sun show it’s face a little more but most importantly we have a WHOLE 6 months of spring and summer ahead of us! And yes as you know spring is my favourite season because of all the flowers.

If you’ve been following along on the blog or over on Instagram you will know that last season I started making a more conscious effort for any new items in my capsule to be from sustainable/ethical brands. A decision I have felt more strongly about as time goes on. This season you will notice even more of these brands making an appearance. But I would also like to acknowledge that the most sustainable (and affordable…yay!) wardrobe you can have is one that is using what you already have and incorporating second hand pieces. Moving forward this will be a much bigger focus for me. I’m a big supporter of taking small steps however we can when we are adopting new habits, routines and lifestyles and it has been no different with my capsule wardrobes. When we try to change too much in a short time it ends up feeling too overwhelming and so we usually bail.

To be totally honest with you, the main reason I started my capsules was to help curb my shopping addiction. And with time my capsule has changed and grown with me, so now the reason I am continuing to stick with it is because I love the minimal aspect of it and I want to do my part for the environment. Can you believe that 1 in 3 of us get rid of clothes after we’ve been seen wearing them just 3 times on social media? That it takes approx. 7000 litres of water to make one pair of jeans – the same amount 1 person drinks in 5-6 years? Or that that the fashion industry is one of the worlds biggest polluters? It was shocking to me too!

Right, so before we jump into my latest capsule – if you are new around here and want a little intro on capsule wardrobes before you dive into this post you can check out my capsule wardrobe 101 series here.

Sustainability and Ethics in my Capsules ECO

As I mentioned I am making a conscious effort to ensure any new pieces I add are coming from ethical/sustainable brands. After doing lots of research about the best (and most beautiful – because it’s still important to love what you wear) ethical/sustainable fashion brands I put together a list of my favourites here.

Look for the ECO symbol next to items that are from ethical and/or sustainable brands.

Colour Palette

Black / White / Peach / Blush / Orchid / Ash Pink

The base pieces for this boho minimal capsule wardrobe are neutrals – whites and soft blushes. I like to keep half of my capsule wardrobe in neutrals (which for me also includes denim) because it makes mixing and matching different pieces much easier. It’s also a good idea to choose staple pieces (that you want to keep for years) in neutrals so they are more timeless.

Because it’s spring I couldn’t help but keep this capsule pastel and floral with four accent colours – blush (always), peach, orchid and ash pink.

Capsule Formula

In my creating a capsule wardrobe post series I give guidelines around 30, 40 and 50 piece wardrobes. For my boho minimal spring capsule wardrobe my total count came to 38 pieces. I have had a varying number across my capsules so far and I have found that between 35-40 is a good number to try and stick to – enough pieces to mix and match but not too many that you start to get overwhelmed with choice.

Short Sleeved Tops x 5

Bird & Kite Lolita Top ECO / Everlane Air Oversized Crew TeeECO / Selected Femme Organic Stripe Tee ECO / ASOS Boxy Tee (old, similar here ECO ) / Madewell Ruffle Sleeve (sold out, similar here)

I’ve included one cami in my spring capsule wardrobe because they are great for layering underneath sweaters and over tees or long sleeves on cooler days and they can be dressed up or down. I always make sure I include around three basic tees because they are versatile and so easy to layer. In transitional months like spring and autumn I tend to include heavier fabrics like with my knitted ruffle sleeve feature tee.

Long Sleeved Tops x 5

Everlane White Box-Cut Long Sleeve ECO / Everlane Stripe Box-Cut Long Sleeve ECO / Ruffle Shoulder Top (old, similar here ECO) / Arnhem Lily Blouse ECO (similar here ECO) / Marimekko Silk Button DownECO (similar here ECO)

Like with my short sleeves I also like to include a mix of basics and features for my long sleeves. The basics are easier to layer on cooler days and I’ve included some floral patterns in my feature tops to have a little more of a boho spring feel.

Light Outerwear x 5

Selected Femme Cardigan ECO/ Armed Angels Organic Cotton Knit ECO/ Tularosa Stripe Knit (old, similar hereECO) / Oysho Fluffy Sweater (old, similar here ECO) / H&M Mult Sweater (old, similar here ECO)

For my light outerwear I’ve included a cardigan, two lighter sweaters and two heavier sweaters. This gives me plenty of layering options to cater for the varying weather of spring. I also love this cardigan because it’s merino wool so nice and warm but also not too bulky, so perfect for light travel.

Heavy Outerwear x 5

ASOS Girlfriend Denim Jacket (or similar here ECO) / Free People So Soft Cosy Peacoat (or similar here ECO) / Everlane Renew Short PufferECOSelected Femme Wool Wrap Coat ECO/ Puffer Coat (old, similar here ECO)

My heavier outerwear has been picked to be layered over lighter outerwear if needed. I’ve also stuck mostly to neutrals because this is the layer that gets seen the most so I avoid picking items I might get sick of easily with lots of colour or pattern.

Skirts + Dresses x 5

Free People Dream of Me Midi Skirt (old, similar here) / Son de Flor Linen Midi Skirt ECO / Motula Intuitive Dress ECO / Rowie Jessie Mini Dress ECO / Auguste Viola Maxi Dress ECO

I used to think skirts and dresses were just for summer, but I’m getting much better at layering! Which I am very happy about because I always feel my best in a skirt or dress. As you can see I’ve kept it quite neutral in general and have also chosen pieces which will work with either a tee or tights underneath for cooler days.

Shorts + Pants x 7

Everlane Denim Shorts ECO / Rhythm Linen Shorts (or similar here) / Lucy & Yak Organic Originals DungareesECO / Elizabeth Suzann Linen Pants / Weekday Body Jeans / Mom Jeans (old, similar here ECO) / Joe’s Fray Hem Jeans (old, similar hereECO)

Because I know that most of spring is on the cooler side I haven’t included too many shorts. This capsule I am also excited to be stepping outside of my jeans addiction a little bit with some tailored linen pants. I like that these still have a casual fit but will allow me to make some more formal outfits that are still comfy! My linen pants are also the first piece I have purchased from a made to order brand – which I love because that means pieces are only being made if they have been ordered. This eliminates the waste that comes from unsold items.

Shoes x 6

Madewell Boardwalk Sandals / Birkenstock Gizeh Slides / Veja Esplar Sneakers ECO/ Blundstone Chelsea Boots ECOTimberland 6 Inch Classic Boots / Panama Jack Felia Igloo Boots

Yet again you will notice there is a big mix of summery and wintery pieces. I think I will be wearing my white sneakers and chelsea boots the most but for the cooler days and warmer days I also want to make sure I have options.



This capsule wardrobe has been put together for a northern hemisphere spring so is suitable for temperatures ranging from 10-25°C (50-80°F). Including a balanced mix of short sleeved tops, long sleeve tops, outerwear, bottoms and shoes, my spring capsule wardrobe has a range of layering and mix and match options to keep my looks varied throughout the season.



We all have unique lives and styles so this capsule has been put together as an example. It also gives you some good insight into how many pieces you may want to include in each category. I work from home, travel quite a lot and have a casual style. This means that I choose comfy pieces that layer well without crinkling and are easy to pack. As an example, if you have an office job and/or dressier style you could swap long sleeve tops for blouses or button-up shirts, jeans for capris and sneakers for flats.

If you have a very contrasting style for work and home (for example you like being dressier for work and more casual for home) you may want to consider having two smaller seperate capsules to cater to both, or one larger capsule to include everything.


Want a little tour through my spring capsule wardrobe?


You can find a roundup of outfits I wore from this capsule here.


Like these pieces? You can shop them and support Jayde Archives at the same time by using some of the affiliate links below:

  1. Bird & Kite Lolita Top ECO
  2. Everlane Air Oversized Crew TeeECO
  3. Selected Femme Organic Stripe Tee ECO
  4. ASOS Boxy Tee (old, similar here ECO )
  5. Madewell Ruffle Sleeve (sold out, similar here)
  6. Everlane White Box-Cut Long Sleeve ECO
  7. Everlane Stripe Box-Cut Long Sleeve ECO
  8. Ruffle Shoulder Top (old, similar here ECO)
  9. Arnhem Lily Blouse ECO (similar here ECO)
  10. Marimekko Silk Button DownECO (similar here ECO)
  11. Selected Femme Cardigan ECO
  12. Armed Angels Organic Cotton Knit ECO
  13. Tularosa Stripe Knit (old, similar hereECO)
  14. Oysho Fluffy Sweater (old, similar here ECO)
  15. H&M Mult Sweater (old, similar here ECO)
  16. ASOS Girlfriend Denim Jacket (or similar here ECO)
  17. Free People So Soft Cosy Peacoat (or similar here ECO)
  18. Everlane Renew Short PufferECO
  19. Selected Femme Wool Wrap Coat ECO
  20. Puffer Coat (old, similar here ECO)
  21. Free People Dream of Me Midi Skirt (old, similar here)
  22. Son de Flor Linen Midi Skirt ECO
  23. Motula Intuitive Dress ECO
  24. Rowie Jessie Mini Dress ECO
  25. Auguste Viola Maxi Dress ECO
  26. Everlane Denim Shorts ECO
  27. Rhythm Linen Shorts (or similar here)
  28. Lucy & Yak Organic Originals DungareesECO
  29. Elizabeth Suzann Linen Pants
  30. Weekday Body Jeans
  31. Mom Jeans (old, similar here ECO)
  32. Joe’s Fray Hem Jeans (old, similar hereECO)
  33. Madewell Boardwalk Sandals
  34. Birkenstock Gizeh Slides
  35. Veja Esplar Sneakers ECO
  36. Blundstone Chelsea Boots ECO
  37. Timberland 6 Inch Classic Boots
  38. Panama Jack Felia Igloo Boots

Big Love,

Sometimes I use affiliate links and feature products that were kindly gifted to me, all gifted items are marked with a *. However all opinions are 100% my own. I only ever recommend brands and things that I personally love!

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I love how you incorporated color into your capsule! And the outfits are all so cute. Definitely feel inspired to try building a summer capsule wardrobe.

Hey hun, great information. You have a summer 2019 coming?

Hi Tracy, I sure do! I am working on it right now and plan to have it out in the next couple of weeks.

I love this post so much! I really want to build a capsule wardrobe and this has given me some major SS inspiration!

The Crown Wings | UK Travel & Lifestyle Blog

Hey Jess! It makes me so happy to know my post has helped inspire you 🙂 Moving over to a capsule wardrobe is one of the best changes I’ve made for my lifestyle in a long time! Jayde x