And just like that it has been a whole year since I started using capsule wardrobes – time flies doesn’t it? I am just as addicted to my capsule wardrobe now as I was back then. For a quick refresher I wanted to quickly go over the main reasons I LOVE having seasonal capsule wardrobes, so here they are:

  • SAVE TIME – Save time sifting through piles of clothes (half of which you don’t even like) to pick an outfit.
  • SAVE MONEY – Save money on replacing poor quality items, purchasing things because they are cheap or on sale and buying items that you never wear because they don’t go with anything else you own.
  • STRESS LESS – Avoid outfit picking meltdowns because everything works well together and you can see your whole wardrobe without trudging through drawers and coat hangers.
  • CREATE MORE SPACE – Create more physical space in your wardrobe (or on your bedroom floor!) and more headspace because you no longer have to spend much energy picking an outfit.

If you are new around here and want a little intro on capsule wardrobes before you dive into this post you can check out my capsule wardrobe 101 series here.

Creating my Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

As the weather starts to cool, the leaves start to change colour and the smell of chimney smoke is in the air it’s time to get out those soft, cosy layers…

I have now officially done a whole year of seasonal capsule wardrobes! With each season I find I am getting better and better at picking the perfect pieces and also avoiding those pieces I have learnt that I don’t wear. Having a capsule wardrobe makes those items you don’t end up wearing so much more obvious – rather than getting pushed to the back of a drawer and forgotten, it’s right in your face for a whole season! That is traumatic enough to keep you away from those kind of pieces forever.

You know by now that I love to include plenty of colour, pattern and texture in my capsule wardrobes, and with each capsule I have been pushing those boundaries more and more. For my last capsule (Summer) I felt I probably went a bit too far and my items didn’t mix and match quite as well as previous capsules. Which made it harder to create lots of different outfits. So for this capsule I’ve stepped it back a little with a more refined palette and some more neutral items.

Colour Palette

Black / White / Vanilla + Blush / Rose / Teddy Brown

The base pieces for this capsule wardrobe are neutrals – black, white and creamy vanilla. I like to keep half of my capsule wardrobe in neutrals (which for me also includes denim) because it makes mixing and matching different pieces much easier. It’s also a good idea to choose staple pieces (that you want to keep for years) in neutrals so they are more timeless.

I’m embracing the natural colours of autumn for this capsule with three accent colours – blush (always), rose and teddy brown/sienna. I love the visual warmth these colours create – which definitely helps lift my spirits on those cold, grey days we get more and more of leading up to winter.

Capsule Formula

In my creating a capsule wardrobe post series I give guidelines around 30, 40 and 50 piece wardrobes. For this seasons’ capsule my total count came to 40 pieces. I have had a varying number across my capsules so far and I have found that 40 is a good number to try and stick to – enough pieces to mix and match but not too many that you start to get overwhelmed with choice.

Cami Tops x 2

Shop My Favourite  Cami Picks

Madewell Gathered-Neck Tank Top / Cami NYC Racer Back

I’ve decided to include two camis in my autumn capsule wardrobe because they are great for layering underneath sweaters on cooler days and they can be dressed up or down. You will notice my favourite black silk cami has made it through to yet another capsule (it’s a timeless piece) and I’ve also added in a sienna coloured drape cami to compliment my autumn colour palette.

Short Sleeve Tops x 6

Shop My Favourite Short Sleeve Top Picks

Madewell White Crop Tee (size up for a casual fit) / Madewell Black V-neck Tee / Selected Femme Striped Tee / ASOS Boxy Tee (so soft!) / Madewell Courier Shirt (or here) (the perfect cut) / Madewell Ruffle Sleeve Sweater Tee (undercover cosy)

If there is something I have learnt so far with my capsules it’s that basics go a long way. They are far easier to mix and they are more timeless – so I don’t get sick of wearing them. I’ve included a combination of six different short sleeved tops to suit my casual and travel based lifestyle. You’ll notice that I’m slightly obsessed with Madewell here, I always love their cuts and fabrics. But I also need to tell you how soft and cosy the ASOS boxy tee is too!

Long Sleeve Tops x 4

Shop My Favourite Long Sleeve Top Picks

Madewell Whisper Cotton Long Sleeve (size up for a casual fit) / ASOS Ultimate Long Sleeve Crew / Bobi Reversible Long Sleeve (reversible pieces are perfect for capsule wardrobes) / Free People Kiss from a Rose Tunic

Full disclosure here – I actually have two white long sleeves because they are perfect for layering on those cold days and sometimes I wear them a lot! My second white long sleeve is by ASOS and super comfy. You can see I have a couple more short sleeve tops than long sleeve – this is because even though it does get cold outside in autumn, inside is generally quite warm. And because I spend most of my time inside I’m better off having more short sleeve options that can be layered with cardigans and sweaters.

Knits x 5

Shop My Favourite Knit Picks

Oysho Fluffy Sweater (old, similar here) / H&M Mult Sweater (old, similar here) / Tularosa Stripe Sweater (size down unless you want off the shoulder) / Top shop Tie Cardigan (old, similar here) / Vila Knit Cardigan (old, similar here)

One of my favourite things about the cooler months is getting to wear cosy knits like sweaters, scarves and beanies. I’m on a constant mission to find the softest, comfiest of them all! I tried to keep my selected of knits quite neutral but with a couple of items that bring in my feature colours too.

Jackets x 3

Shop My Favourite Jacket Picks

ASOS Girlfriend Denim Jacket / Gina Tricot Fluffy Jacket / UNIQLO Raincoat

I think every wardrobe needs at least one jacket (no matter the season) – so naturally I’ve included three! No but really, they are all essentials. A denim jacket is perfect for popping over a dress or skirt outfit, and also layers really well with sweaters. A fluffy/teddy jacket is a bit dressier and a raincoat is an absolute essential – especially in autumn. What I love about this raincoat is that it looks classy and holds in warmth without being to heavy – great for blocking out windy days as well as rainy ones!

Coats x 3

Shop My Favourite Coat Picks

ASOS Parka / Free People So Soft Cosy Pea Coat (loving these teddy bear vibes) / Vince Camuto Puffer Jacket (old, similar here)

That much needed top layer as the season edges towards winter –  I like to keep my coats really basic and classic because often when I am outside they are the only layer you can see! So I want to make sure I’m not picking something I will get sick of quickly. This capsule includes a parka, pea coat and puffer.

Skirts + Dresses x 5

Shop My Favourite Skirts + Dresses Picks

GRLFRND Eva A-Frame Gusset Skirt / Free People Dream of Me Midi Skirt (old, similar here) / Free People Late Night Picnic Smock Dress / Ted Baker Serenity Dress* / Free People Dove Long Sleeve Maxi Dress

One of my favourite sections of my wardrobe! Skirts and dresses – and I used to have this strange idea that you could only wear them in spring and summer. I’ve since woken up to the fact that I can wear tights underneath them – genius! You will see that I’ve included a short denim skirt which might not seem very practical, so you know what I’m about to say? It’s actually very practical. It’s a piece that will save me if we have out of the ordinary warm days and it also looks super cute with tights and a sweater.

Pants x 5

Shop My Favourite Pants Picks

One Teaspoon White Skinny Jeans (old, similar here) / Pull & Bear Mom Jeans (old, similar here) / Weekday Body Jeans / Madewell Roadtripper Jeans / Pull & Bear Overalls (old, similar here)

It’s probably quite obvious based on the ‘pants’ section of my wardrobe that I live in jeans… of course not all of us do so you can use your pants allocation for any type of pants! But for me – I’ll just take jeans in every shade please! Oh and a pair of overalls to mix things up a bit.

Shoes x 7

Shop My Favourite Shoe Picks

Gant Zoe Sneakers / Puma Basket Heart Sneakers / Sandler Chelsea Boots (old, similar here) / Wittner Lace-up Boots (old, similar here) / Timberland Boots / Panama Jack Felia Igloo Boots / Hunter Original Short Rain Boot (or in black here)

Autumn calls for closed in shoes to keep tootsies warm! I’m a big fan of flat casual shoes so my entire shoe wardrobe is made up of – yes you guessed it flat casual shoes. Also one thing I was missing from my autumn capsule wardrobe last year was rain boots – so I am now the proud owner of a pair of Hunter originals (in pink of course).

Weather Suitability


This capsule wardrobe has been put together for a northern hemisphere autumn so is suitable for temperatures ranging from 5-20°C (40-68°F). Including a balanced mix of camis, short sleeved tops, long sleeve tops, outerwear, bottoms and shoes, my autumn capsule wardrobe has a range of layering and mix and match options to keep my looks varied throughout the season.

Lifestyle Suitability

Work from home / Travel / Casual

We all have unique lives and styles so this capsule has been put together as an example. It also gives you some good insight into how many pieces you may want to include in each category. I work from home, travel quite a lot and have a casual style. This means that I choose comfy pieces that layer well without crinkling and are easy to pack. As an example, if you have an office job and/or dressier style you could swap long sleeve tops for blouses or button-up shirts, jeans for capris and sandals for heels.

If you have a very contrasting style for work and home (for example you like being dressier for work and more casual for home) you may want to consider having two smaller seperate capsules to cater to both, or one larger capsule to include everything.

Try On

Want a little tour through my autumn capsule wardrobe in less than five minutes? Head over to my IGTV channel for my Autumn Capsule Wardrobe try on here.

Outfits + Packing Lists

Want to see how I wear outfits from this capsule wardrobe and edit down and pack my ’18 autumn capsule wardrobe for carry-on only and light packing travel? I’ll be adding to this list as the season goes on.

Capsule List

Like these pieces? You can shop them and support Jayde Archives at the same time by using some of the affiliate links below:

  1. Madewell Gathered-Neck Tank Top
  2. Cami NYC Racer Back
  3. Madewell White Crop Tee
  4. Madewell Black V-neck Tee
  5. Selected Femme Striped Tee
  6. ASOS Boxy Tee
  7. Madewell Courier Shirt (or here)
  8. Madewell Ruffle Sleeve Sweater Tee
  9. Madewell Whisper Cotton Long Sleeve
  10. ASOS Ultimate Long Sleeve Crew
  11. Bobi Reversible Long Sleeve
  12. Free People Kiss from a Rose Tunic
  13. Oysho Fluffy Sweater (old, similar here)
  14. H&M Mult Sweater (old, similar here)
  15. Tularosa Stripe Sweater
  16. Top shop Tie Cardigan (old, similar here)
  17. Vila Knit Cardigan (old, similar here)
  18. ASOS Girlfriend Denim Jacket
  19. Gina Tricot Fluffy Jacket
  20. UNIQLO Raincoat
  21. ASOS Parka
  22. Free People So Soft Cosy Pea Coat
  23. Vince Camuto Puffer Jacket (old, similar here)
  24. GRLFRND Eva A-Frame Gusset Skirt
  25. Free People Dream of Me Midi Skirt (old, similar here)
  26. Free People Late Night Picnic Smock Dress
  27. Ted Baker Serenity Dress*
  28. Free People Dove Long Sleeve Maxi Dress
  29. One Teaspoon White Skinny Jeans (old, similar here)
  30. Pull & Bear Mom Jeans (old, similar here)
  31. Weekday Body Jeans
  32. Madewell Roadtripper Jeans
  33. Pull & Bear Overalls (old, similar here)
  34. Gant Zoe Sneakers
  35. Puma Basket Heart Sneakers
  36. Sandler Chelsea Boots (old, similar here)
  37. Witner Lace-up Boots (old, similar here)
  38. Timberland Boots
  39. Panama Jack Felia Igloo Boots
  40. Hunter Original Short Rain Boot (or in black here)

Big Love,

Sometimes I use affiliate links and feature products that were kindly gifted to me, all gifted items are marked with a *. However all opinions are 100% my own. I only ever recommend brands and things that I personally love!

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