Travel Capsule Wardrobe for Lisbon

June 15, 2018

Summer Light Packing for Lisbon

The last couple of weeks have been full of new travel adventures – my favourite! If you are following along on Instagram you will have seen everything I’ve been getting up to! My latest trip to Lisbon was a little pre-birthday celebration with one of my best friends! So today I am sharing my packing travel capsule wardrobe for Lisbon and I am also doing my very first ‘What I Wore’ vlog to go along with it.



This summer travel capsule wardrobe for Lisbon is perfect for cool summer days. The temperatures were a little cooler than they normally are at this time of the year, ranging between 15-22°C.


Lisbon – City

I’ve put together this light packing for Lisbon wardrobe for a five day trip, which will include exploring the city, as well as a day trip to Sintra.

Clothes + Accessories Packing for Lisbon List

  1. Lavender Cami (old, similar here or here)
  2. White Tee
  3. Pink Ruffle Sleeve Tee
  4. White Blouse
  5. Denim Jacket
  6. White Wrap Cardigan (similar here)
  7. Mid Ripped Skinny Jeans (old, similar here)
  8. Blue Button Up Dress
  9. Pink Ruffle Dress (same cut, different colour way here)
  10. Bandana (old, similar here)
  11. Light Scarf
  12. Boater Hat
  13. Tan Sandals
  14. Blush Espadrilles

Other Items Packing List

Other clothing
  • 1 x pyjamas
  • 1 x bed socks
  • Underwear
Other Essentials
  • Handbag
  • Lip balm
  • DLSR Camera and charger
  • Phone charger
  • Battery pack for charging on the go
  • Universal adaptor
  • Umbrella
  • Raincoat

For full details on how and what I pack for my carry-on toiletries take a peek at this post.


Below I’ve put together the outfits I plan to wear over our five day trip. I like to decide on my outfits before I pack. That way there is zero stress getting dressed each day. You can easily do the same by laying out your outfits and getting a photo of them on your phone to look back at. To make things even simpler you can even put them into a ‘travel outfits’ album so the photos don’t get lost amongst all the travel snaps you’ll be getting!

Summer Light Packing for Lisbon Outfits

What I Wore Try-On

Want to see what each of my outfits looked like on my trip? Take a peek at my YouTube video below. Subscribe on YouTube to make sure you see all my latest travel and outfit videos throughout the season.

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