Hits + Misses: ’17/18 Winter Capsule Wardrobe

February 26, 2018

Winter Capsule Wardrobe

I came into my second European winter full of excitement and anticipation for all the beautiful wintery goodness. Now sitting almost at the other end of it, I’m pretty damn excited for spring. Don’t get me wrong – winter has some incredibly beautiful moments, like this and this and this (yes ok it was pretty good). But it also has it’s incredibly grey moments too. Like everything in life there are ebbs and flows and ups and downs. And there’s nothing like a good long winter to remind you of that!

So let’s talk about spring!!! As my second spring in Switzerland I’m already looking forward to the sunshine returning, the flowers blooming and of course my Spring 18′ Capsule Wardrobe! I wanted to go through the hits and misses for my winter capsule wardrobe. As my second seasonal wardrobe, but my very first winter capsule wardrobe I have learnt quite a lot that I’d like to share.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe

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Winter Capsule Wardrobe

The Hits

The setup

Like I mentioned with my autumn capsule wardrobe I absolutely loved having my winter capsule wardrobe set up in one small space. With an open rack and open cube shelving each piece was easy to see. I found it so much easier to pick an outfit each day when things weren’t piled on top of each other or squashed into a wardrobe without any space to be seen!

Not including accessories

In my first capsule wardrobe I included accessories like scarves, bags and jewellery. However this time I chose to leave them out of the capsule. Instead giving myself the freedom to pick and choose from a wider range and also buy something new mid-season if I felt like I wanted to refresh my look.

The multi coloured sweater

One of the stand out pieces was my multi coloured sweater. This was actually a piece I carried over from my autumn capsule. One thing I learnt about winter is that it can get very plain and dreary wearing neutrals and blending in with the grey sky and white snow! Having a sweater that was warm enough to wear with my coat open outside meant I was able to add some colour and interest to my outfits. Next winter I would definitely consider adding a few more sweaters with colour!

The wide range of jeans

Because I work from home and travel a lot I end up wearing jeans most of the time in winter. For this capsule I included five pairs of jeans that were all quite different from each other. This meant that I felt like I could create different looks even if I was wearing my go-to formula of jeans, long sleeve, sweater, coat and boots!

Winter Capsule Wardrobe

The Misses

My basics were too basic

I know a basic is supposed to be basic right? But when you have to layer a top under a sweater under a coat – the top usually ends up being a basic because otherwise there are all sorts of crinkly situations that happen. But this meant that when I was some place warm and took off my coat and sweater I was left with a pretty boring outfit. So next time I would make sure my basics have more colour, pattern and more detail (like side-ties, frills and texture).

The leather jacket

I included my favourite leather jacket in my winter capsule and quickly realised that I probably wouldn’t be wearing it. It’s not great for layering under a coat and it was simply too cold to wear it without one for a majority of winter. This item would have been better off being replaced with another top so I had more variety.

Winter Capsule Wardrobe

I’m really keen to hear about how everyone’s capsule wardrobes are coming together after using my free capsule wardrobe workbook. What lessons have your learnt so far? What are your hits and misses? Let me know below!

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What socks did you wear with your boots here and what colour?

Does this mean you need to updated your 2018/2019 Autumn capsule to include more detailed tops or have you already adjusted this accordingly? Also where do you get detailed “thermals” or did you look for colourful merino tops?

On that note are the camis in your capsule wardrobe what you would wear under your thermal and thus not be seen anyway? or are they more for Autumn than Winter?