7 Self-Care Rituals to keep you Smiling in Winter with LUSH

December 12, 2017

Self-Care Rituals

Growing up in toasty Australia and living in the tropics for some of my childhood taught me how to handle heat and humidity, but as you can imagine it hasn’t really been very helpful in preparing me for European winters. Our first winter in Switzerland last year came as a bit of a shock. But this year I’m having a much better time, simply by embracing winter and focusing on all the positive things it brings. There’s Christmas markets, glühwein, cute beanies, snowy days, fluffy socks, cosy nights by the fire, hot baths and skiing just to mention a few.

I’m also relishing in treating myself with some of my favourite self-care rituals that add a little sparkle to grey wintery days. One of my favourite product ranges to treat myself has to be LUSH, I think I got my very first LUSH bath bomb for Christmas over ten years ago and ever since I’ve been hooked. I simply can’t walk past a store without following my nose in and walking out with some delicious smelling lip balm, fizzy bath bomb or luscious moisturiser! So I’m excited to be sharing my 7 favourite self-care rituals that get me through winter along with 7 of my favourite LUSH products.

Self-Care Rituals

Self-Care Rituals

7 Self-Care Rituals to keep you Smiling in Winter

1. Energise your Body

When the cold hits it’s so tempting to cosy up on the couch and stay there all day long… and yes some days we need the rest but don’t forget to balance out the down time with some activity too. The great thing about winter is warming up feels good! Some of my favourite energising winter activities are hot yoga, thermal baths, saunas and steam rooms!

And of course the perfect way to finish is with a lovely warm, lathered up shower. Hold on to that energised feeling a bit longer by using a refreshing citrus based shower gel. I’m in love with LUSH’s cult classic Happy Hippy shower gel. Like a magic happy potion, it’s full of juicy organic pink grapefruit oil and bergamot oil to keep you buzzing all day long. And you know anything that includes pink has my vote!

Self-Care Rituals

Self-Care Rituals

2. Practice Mindfulness

With all the indoor time in winter it can be very easy to get caught up with negative thoughts floating around in your head. My favourite way to stay on top of the blahs is to practice mindfulness and gratitude through daily meditation and journaling. Even if you spend as little as 10 minutes on each of them I can guarantee you will notice a big difference with these simple self-care rituals.

My favourite meditation app (which is perfect for beginners) is One Giant Mind. For journaling you can just use a notepad to list things you are grateful for, or things that make you happy. But if you want more guidance, I’m in love with my Happiness Planner and it’s a great way to get into journaling.

To help keep my mind on the brighter things in life I love using scents that calm and soothe. You could try essential oils like lavender, rose or ylang ylang or a natural perfume. I’m currently using LUSH’s I’m Home solid perfume when I’m in need of some comfort vibes. It’s a natural, creamy mix of vanilla, dark cocoa and caramel notes. The solid format is also perfect for traveling or popping in your handbag for an on-the-go  pick me up!

Self-Care Rituals

Self-Care Rituals

3. Get Creative

If you have to spend the day indoors then you may as well do something fun right? Yes, yes I know reading is classified as ‘fun’ once you hit a certain age, but we can’t read all weekend! Well maybe some weekends we can. But anyway… Get creative and try baking something you’ve never tried, or get crafty and learn to knit yourself a scarf so you can leave the house.

When I came across the FUN range from LUSH I was sceptical… was it really going to be so entertaining that it was FUN in capital letters? I hesitated when opening the packet, wondering what the heck I was going to do with it. And then it was an hour later, and I was surrounded by star shaped cookie cutters and stray pieces of FUN all over my kitchen. It’s basically like delicious smelling play dough that you get to mould into a masterpiece and take to the shower or bath with you…. So yeh it’s kinda fun (ok it’s really really FUN).

 Self-Care Rituals

4. Treat Yourself

One of my favourite winter self-care rituals is the old ‘bribe myself with a treat’ trick. When it’s grey, foggy and  freezing outside things can start to  feel a little glum. So if the day is looking like outside is a no-go zone have a back up treat ready to go. Next time you are out and about stock up on your favourite tea (I’m obsessed with Pukka tea at the moment), a good book or magazine, some face-masks and a few dozen bath bombs.

My personal opinion is that a bath just isn’t right if it doesn’t include a LUSH bath bomb. I’m still working my way through each one, but so far I have not been disappointed. I particularly love the ones that are full of pretty surprises like petals, fizzy stars or rainbow colours. My current favourites are Twilight (think fizzing dusty pink, pastel purple and indigo with shimmering stars and relaxing lavender and ylang ylang oils) and Cheer up Buttercup (especially good for adding some cheer to a grey winters day with it’s bright yellow hues and neroli, lime and lemon oils).

 Self-Care Rituals

 Self-Care Rituals

5. Bundle Up + Get Outside

It’s easy to forget about all the fun winter activities that go on outside when your fluffy socks and book are calling your name. But this year I am trying to make an effort to bundle myself and Jason up and get out more. We’ve already hit a few Christmas Markets, and are looking forward to some snow fun (think skiing, sledding, snow angels etc.) as well as some scenic winter drives.

So simply grab your beanie, gloves, coat, 353 other layers and get out there! Oh and don’t forget the essentials like lip balm and hand cream to keep your skin smooth in the dry winter air. Try something uplifting like LUSH’s Rose Lollipop lip balm, full of nourishing ingredients like shea and cupubcu butters.

 Self-Care Rituals

6. Plan a Getaway

You know I’ll take any excuse I can get to plan another trip. So yes I’m going to use winter as one too and I’m even going to classify travel as a self-care ritual… because well why not? While the first couple of months of winter are a bit more exciting with lots of Christmas festivities and New Year celebrations, by the last month we are all a bit over the cold. So give yourself something to look forward to and plan a little getaway. It could be a weekend in a nice hotel or an escape to some place warmer. I’m super excited to be heading to the Canary Islands in January!

Of course the one problem with this one is that two months of covered up bodies makes for glow-in-the-dark skin. Not so attractive at the beach. So prep up before you escape with some good exfoliation, moisturiser and fake tan! LUSH’s Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub is the perfect way to get those tropical vibes going. It’s mineral-rich mix of sea salt, coconut oil and avocado butter will have you looking and smelling ready to hit the hammock in no time. Oh and if you aren’t getting away this winter then this scrub is enough to make you feel like you’ve just been to the beach anyway – and a much cheaper option too!

 Self-Care Rituals

 Self-Care Rituals

7. Rest + Restore

If winter is good for one thing, it’s rest. This year I’m making like a bear and turning on my guilt-free hibernation mode whenever I need to. Summer is a great time to be on-the-go all the time. So don’t feel guilty for using winter to balance out and get some restorative rest. Because going out at night is not so tempting make the most of it and get in a few early nights.

I love to wind down by putting my phone away an hour before bed, reading until I’m falling asleep and immersing myself in a haze of dreamy, sleepy, comfort. And no I didn’t just add in those words at the end because they sound pretty. LUSH’s Sleepy body lotion is what I meant to say. Perfect to keep that winter skin in check and full of sweet lavender, cocoa butter and almond oil, you’ll be in Zzz land before you know it.

 Self-Care Rituals

What is your go-to self-care ritual you use to make a grey wintery day a little bit brighter?

Big Love,

This post was kindly sponsored by LUSH Switzerland, however all opinions are my own. I only ever recommend brands and things that I personally love!

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7 Self-Care Rituals to keep you Smiling through Winter with LUSH