Hits + Misses: ’17 Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

November 30, 2017

Autumn capsule wardrobe - multi sweater outfit

Well my first autumn in Switzerland has been a little slice of magic that I wasn’t expecting. All those pumpkins, fluttering yellow and orange leaves, stunning sunsets and I even found myself these pretty little autumn flowers… I still don’t know what they are either. If you do know please let me know in the comments section!

And just like all good things that come to an end I’m sad to say goodbye to it, but I am excited for all the wintery goodness we have on the way. I’m especially excited to be sharing my winter capsule wardrobe with you here. But before I do that, I wanted to go through the hits and misses for my autumn capsule wardrobe. After putting together my first seasonal capsule I have learnt a few things that I’d like to share so that you can benefit from my learnings too!

Autumn capsule wardrobe - multi sweater outfit

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Autumn capsule wardrobe - multi sweater outfit

The Hits

The setup

I absolutely loved having my autumn capsule wardrobe set up in one small space. With an open rack and open cube shelving each piece was easy to see. I found it so much easier to pick an outfit each day when things weren’t piled on top of each other.

The number of items

I was afraid the number of items I had included would start to feel limiting and get boring. However I was surprised that this didn’t happen. It was a good balance between not having so much I got overwhelmed with choices and having enough variety.

The colour palette

Mixing and matching was so easy when most of my pieces were neutral and I only had the one accent. I will definitely be sticking to a similar palette for winter.

The rain coat

One of the stand out pieces was my rain/wind proof coat (find it here for US / EU / AUS – on sale right now in the US and AUS). Because it was really light it was super versatile and portable – so easy to chuck into my bag just incase I needed it. At the beginning of autumn when it was still warm-ish, popping my rain coat over a long sleeve top was enough to keep me warm. Then towards the end of the season it went over heavier sweaters. It was not only great for rainy days but also perfect for keeping warm on windy days and bike rides too.

The wide range of pieces

In general there was enough variety in the cuts and styles of the pieces I included to create plenty of different looks.

Autumn capsule wardrobe - multi sweater outfit

Autumn capsule wardrobe - multi sweater outfit

The Misses

No heavy jacket

When I was putting this capsule together at the beginning of autumn I kind of forgot to think about how different the weather would be by the end of the season. Next autumn I will include a heavier parka or puffer jacket to cover the colder days.

No skirt

As much as I love jeans (which is pretty obvious when you look at my capsule), in hindsight I do wish I’d included a skirt for some variety. I’m still getting the hang of this cold weather thing. But after a bit of geographical attire research (okay okay… sitting at cafes people watching), I’ve learnt that tights under a skirt looks pretty cool and keeps you toasty at the same time.

No gum boots

Another little common autumn weather pattern I overlooked was the rain. Next year I will be including a pair of gum boots. I’ve had my eye on a pair of Hunters for a while now. They look cute and you get to go puddle jumping. Win win really.

Including an item I hadn’t tested out properly

The white long sleeve top I included in my capsule was a new addition to my wardrobe when I put it together. I didn’t really test it out properly before hand and after a couple of wears realised it was just plain annoying to wear. It was so stretchy that I had to keep pulling the front up – not a very classy look.

In saying this I think the great thing about having an item in my capsule like this means I really learnt I didn’t like it. And I won’t by buying anything like it again. Whereas had it just been part of a normal, over crowded wardrobe I probably would have forgotten about it after the first wear. Then it wouldn’t have really sunken in that I didn’t like the style and I probably would have purchased something similar in a year or so, only to make the same realisation again.

Autumn capsule wardrobe - multi sweater outfit

I’m really keen to hear about how everyone’s capsule wardrobes are coming together after using my free capsule wardrobe workbook. What lessons have your learnt so far? What are your hits and misses? Let me know below!

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