7 Wanderlust Worthy Destinations that are on my Bucket List

May 3, 2017

If you follow me on Instagram you would know I’m quite obsessed with beautiful places and things. Although I’ve been very fortunate to be able to travel to so many amazing countries already, I still have quite an ambitious list left to get through.

I think it’s easy to get caught up in all the popular travel destinations we see all over social media that sometimes we forget to think outside of the Instagram square. So, I recently decided to start a Pinterest board specifically for unique and beautiful places I dream of traveling to one day and I thought I should share my wanderlust worthy travel bucket list so far. You can also follow my Pinterest board below to stay up to date with my latest wonderlust worthy discoveries!

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1. Pink Canyon, Valley of Fire, Nevada, USA

Also known as Pastel Canyon, Pink Canyon is just a one hour trip from Las Vegas. While most people head to the Grand Canyon, Pink Canyon looks like a pretty amazing day trip to me. Made of smooth sandstone, rippled with shades of pink the canyon goes on for miles.

Wanderlust Worthy Bucket List of Beautiful PlacesPhoto by Eddie 11uisma

2. Pink Beach, Bermuda

This little beach in Bermuda couldn’t be more beautiful if it tried! Pink sand and clear aqua waters… I think it’s calling my name! If the pink sand isn’t enough beautiful for you, the iconic Hamilton Princess Hotel is very close by and yes you guessed it – pink, pink, pink.

Wanderlust Worthy Bucket List of Beautiful PlacesPhoto by princessbermuda

3. Seven Colored Earth of Chamarel, Mauritius

These rainbow-hued sand dunes in Mauritius formed through the decomposition of volcanic rock. It is believed that the different shades of colour are a result of the molten volcanic rock cooling down at different temperatures but there is still some mystery behind the exact reason.

Wanderlust Worthy Bucket List of Beautiful PlacesPhoto by Shankar. S

4. Flamingo Beach, Aruba

Flamingo Beach is found on the manmade Renaissance Island in Aruba. It is a quiet adult-only, palm tree lined beach where you can order cocktails and get open air massages. You get a spectacular view of the flamingos that hang out at the beach looking for food on the edge of the ocean. I’m sold, sign me up.

Wanderlust Worthy Bucket List of Beautiful PlacesPhoto by Veronica Ferraro

5. La Muralla Roja, Calpe, Spain

This geometric wonderland of an apartment complex was built in 1973 and lines a rocky cliff on the edge of the ocean in Calpe, Spain. The exterior is painted in tones of pink to contrast with the landscape and the rooftop pool has endless ocean views. Even though it’s a private residence you can book a sneaky stay through Airbnb or booking.com.

Wanderlust Worthy Bucket List of Beautiful PlacesPhoto by Ricardo Bofill

6. Rainbow Mountain, Peru

Ok you’ve read my Liechtenstein post and know how much I love llamas. So you will understand how incredibly excited I was when I stumbled across a photo of this mountain in Peru. Called Rainbow Mountain, this magnificent trail is made of granite and Permian formations, in vibrant shades of red, blue, ochre and turquoise. And yes, you can go llama trekking here.

Wanderlust Worthy Bucket List of Beautiful PlacesPhoto by Lucky Peru Tour

7. Tulip Fields, Holland

Ok so this one isn’t quite outside the Instagram square…but I thought it was just too pretty not to include. From the end of  March until mid May Holland is home to millions of tulips in bloom. The flowers are said to be at their best in mid April and can be seen all over the country. One of the best places to discover an array of tulips is at Keukenhof in Lisse where 7 million flower bulbs bloom every year.

Wanderlust Worthy Bucket List of Beautiful PlacesImage by Jan Weigand

Do you have a similar beautiful places Pinterest board or wish list? If so share it below, I’d love to check it out!


Tulips in Holland, michigan also. Thanks for your list and the nod to all things pink.

We have a tulip festival in Vancouver too called “Abbotsford Bloom Tulip Festival” – google it :p Soooo pretty!

Oh wow Steph! That looks incredible! I’m putting this one on my bucket list! Jayde x