5 Reasons you should absolutely buy your own flowers

February 11, 2017

I know, I know – Valentine’s Day is traditionally about showing that special person in your life just how smitten you are with them. But I’ve been thinking that maybe it’s a good reminder to show ourselves a little lovin too. And what better way than with a bunch of fresh blooms (any excuse right?)? I’ve recently taken to buying myself flowers to keep around the house. Just having them there seems to give me a little feel-good vibe.


5 reasons you should buy your own flowers

It turns out that my feel-good vibe isn’t just in my head – flower power is a real thing. Research has found that hanging around with flowers for just a few days can:

  1. Reduce negative, depressed and anxious feelings
  2. Increase feelings of compassion and kindness towards others
  3. Increase happiness and enthusiasm at work
  4. Create a higher sense of enjoyment and life satisfaction
  5. Lead to increased contact with family and friends

As well as all of this flowers can help fight the morning blahs (another thing that is not just in my head). Just pop them somewhere that you will see them during your morning routine and let the magic happen.

5 of my favourite affordable flowers

I know that it can be hard to justify spending money on flowers for yourself, so I’ve put together a list of my most affordable favourites that you can usually get from either the grocery store or markets.

Flowers Roses in Tub

Mini Roses

Cost: $15-20
Life span: 4-7 days

These little pretties usually come in a range of colours so you can pick something that suits your mood! My favourite way to style them is in a low wide vase. Remove the leaves and cut the stems so that the roses sit up just above the rim of the vase and pop them in.

Flowers Tulips


Cost: $15-20
Life span: 4-7 days

As well as the regular kind, they also come in a frilly version (and everything is better with frills right?). Both are beautiful but my choice usually comes down to what is available in what colour at the time. These guys go perfectly with a tall vase or glass cut at slightly different heights for an effortless look.

Flowers Babys Breath

Baby’s Breath

Cost: $5-10
Life span: 7-14 days

This is one of my favourite low-cost, long-lasting bloom. There is also no decision making involved as it only comes in white. If you thought things couldn’t get any easier, you also don’t need to do much styling with Baby’s Breath. Just trim to whatever height you like and place in a vase.

Flowers Rununculus


Cost: $10-15
Life span: 4-7 days

Currently this is my very favourite flower. With layers and layers of feather light petals and a range of dreamy colours what’s not to love? They look great bunched together in to a little posy and popped into a jar or vase.

Flowers Hyacinthe


Cost: $5-10
Life span: 4-7 days

I originally planned to have Lithianthus as my fifth flower. But when it comes to flowers you just have to go with the flow and make the most of what is available on the day. So when there were no Lithianthus to be seen, I grabbed these beauties instead. To style I removed the leaves and bunched them up in a tall glass.

I could go on forever with this list, but hopefully I have given you a few good reasons to show yourself some love with a bunch of your favourite flowers every now and again.

If you have any other favourites I’d love to hear about them below!


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