How to boost your confidence in 5 easy ways

February 1, 2017

I thought that it would be fitting for me to make my first ‘life’ post about a subject that I have struggled with in relation to starting my blog – confidence. When we decided to move overseas from Australia to Switzerland it was always part of our plan that I would focus on my dream of having my own blog. At first I was really excited but when I had to start explaining my plan to family, friends and even strangers I found myself feeling embarrassed and nervous speaking about it.

I started doubting myself – wondering whether I was good enough to pull it off and worrying that the people around me thought I was throwing away my professional career for some silly hobby that they didn’t quite understand. All of this did nothing but kill my buzz and make it even harder to explain to people.

After many pep talks from Jase (my husband) I decided I needed to take his advice and just own it. So I set myself a timeline to commit and put in my all. With the condition that I wasn’t allowed to judge evaluate my work until the time was up. By having this timeline in my mind (and written down – I think anything written down is always more concrete than just floating around in your head), I have been able to focus on being passionate rather than wasting energy being paranoid. I have a checkpoint and that is enough for me to put aside my doubts for now.

I also decided to start talking about my plan with more confidence. Remembering that no matter what I was doing there would always be people who understood and others who just didn’t get it. In the same way that I smile and nod when people say they are engineers or bankers. I don’t get it, it’s not my thing, but I am also not judging them. If somebody is passionate about what they do, then I am happy for them. End of story. If I couldn’t be confident in myself then how could anybody else be confident in me?

5 easy ways to boost your confidence

1. Have a plan

I find it always helps my confidence when I have a plan. And not just in my mind but written down. Thinking something through enough to write it down will help you have a better understanding of it. Which will only help you to feel more confident in what you are doing.

2. Stay positive

Positivity is key to confidence. My favourite way to stay positive is to jump on Pinterest and find a quote that resonates with me and what I am trying to achieve. Then write it down and put it somewhere I will see it every day – the fridge, the bathroom mirror, above your desk, your phone wallpaper, get creative. Even better read it out aloud whenever you see it (maybe not if it is your phone wallpaper, people might start looking at you funny and that won’t help your confidence levels).

3. Fake it until you make it

Think about how you feel when somebody else is confident. You don’t question it, you just accept it. By pretending that you are already where you want to be your confidence will automatically be boosted and you will convince the people around you too. When you get good vibes from the people around you it will start to increase your confidence more and more!

4. Channel your inner wonder woman

If you haven’t heard of power poses yet let me try and explain. They are dominant postures that are supposed to decrease stress hormones, increase testosterone levels and give you a confidence boost. If you are working up your confidence for a specific occasion (like asking your boss for a pay rise or presenting to a room full of scary people) then try this one out. Pop into the bathroom a few minutes before the big moment. Then stand with your feet hip-width apart, hands on hips and head held high. Sound crazy? Watch this TED talk by Amy Cuddy and maybe you’ll change your mind!

5. Remember that we are all human

One of my favourite ways to kill negative, confidence reducing thoughts is to simply remember that we are all human. We all feel insecure at times and doubt ourselves now and again. I find there is something inspiring in knowing that the people I look up to have their moments too and have soldiered on anyway.

If you have any of your own confidence boosting tips I’d love to hear about them, so feel free to share them in the comments section below.


Just wanted to say that I’m not a huge reader of blogs – but I love this one!
It’s just so beautiful and you have been wonderfully courageous to pursue what is obviously your heartland.

We’ve all started checking it back here out after you gave us your inspiring ‘confident’ explanation last month.

Thank you Tarni – your comment has left me with a big smile on my face and your support means so much to me. xo

Love it all❤️ You are amazing???

Thank you so so much Ally! In my moments of doubt it is the encouragement I have had from family and friends like you that has helped me believe I can do it – sorry I know that is so corny! xxx

Congratulations on launching Jayde Archives!! And wow, an incredible first post too! Absolutely love your website, your writing, your photos, the whole lot… SO excited for all that is ahead of you. Sending you a huge virtual smothering hug haha xx

Thank you, thank you, thank you gorgeous! Right back at you with that huge virtual smothering hug! xxx