Last week I launched my ‘Creating your Capsule Wardrobe’ post series, which I am very excited about! If you haven’t seen it yet you can check out the series and get your free (yay) Capsule Wardrobe Workbook here. So I thought I better get started on sharing my personal capsule wardrobe with you! I don’t know about you but I love looking at what other people keep in their wardrobe, nothing like a good old sticky beak. As I mentioned in my post series I put together seasonal capsules that get adjusted slightly to suit the weather and trends every three months. My ’17 autumn capsule wardrobe is the very first capsule I will be sharing with you and throughout the season I will also be posting my weekly outfits. So here it is…

2017 Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

2017 Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

2017 Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

Creating my Autumn Capsule Wardrobe

Because this is the first capsule wardrobe I have put together to share I used my own three-step method and workbook (which you can read all about here). Which meant that I ended up creating my capsule out of items I already owned. This worked out perfectly because the main goals of my capsule wardrobe journey are to save money, save time, stress less, create more space and live more sustainably.

So while my inner shopaholic saw my autumn capsule wardrobe as an opportunity to go shopping and buy a whole new set of clothes, my new capsule thinking put the focus on other priorities. These priorities helped me take a step back and make more intentional decisions.

Capsule Formula

Putting together your first capsule wardrobe is really interesting because you get to see what you are capable of getting your item count down to. I believe that we all need to create our own personalised formula to suit our unique lifestyles. And in my creating a capsule wardrobe post series I give guidelines around 30, 40 and 50 piece wardrobes. My total count came to 39 pieces for my autumn capsule – keep in mind this includes accessories and jewellery. So I felt a little bit proud of myself to get to this number!

My 39 pieces are made up of: 2 x Tees / 5 x Tops / 3 x Sweaters / 2 x Jackets / 2 x Coats / 4 x Bottoms / 5 x Shoes / 2 x Bags / 1 x Watch / 3 x Scarves / 1 x Hat / 2 x Hair Accessories / 1 x Sunglasses / 5 x Jewellery Items

Weather Suitability


This capsule wardrobe has been put together for autumn so is suitable for temperatures ranging from 5-20°C (40-68°F). Incorporating a combination of comfy tees, soft sweaters, cosy scarves and cute accessories, my autumn capsule wardrobe has plenty of layering options to cater for warmer days, cooler nights, sunshine and rain.

Colour Palette

Neutral + Blush

Most of the colours I have chosen for this capsule wardrobe are neutrals – white, beige, mushroom, grey and black. I tend to make a majority of my wardrobe neutrals for two reasons. Firstly (and most importantly) because I really like wearing neutrals, and secondly because it makes mixing and matching different pieces so much easier. It’s also great to choose your staples in neutral colours so that they are more timeless and so you will get more wear out of them. I’ve chosen one accent colour for my autumn capsule wardrobe and yes you guessed it – it is blush. I’ve weaved the blush accent through with some smaller accessory pieces and a just couple of staples.

2017 Autumn Capsule Wardrobe Pieces

Capsule List

Like these pieces? You can shop them and support Jayde Archives at the same time by using some of the affiliate links below:

  1. White tee
  2. Black tee
  3. Beige long sleeve top
  4. Stripe long sleeve top
  5. Grey long sleeve top
  6. White long sleeve top
  7. Blush flannel shirt
  8. Beige stripe sweater (similar ethical option)
  9. Blush sweater (similar ethical option 1 and 2)
  10. Grey sweater (similar and similar ethical option)
  11. Multi colour sweater
  12. Denim jacket (similar ethical option)
  13. Leather jacket (similar ethical option)
  14. Beige rain coat
  15. Grey wrap coat (similar ethical option)
  16. White jeans
  17. Blue jeans
  18. Navy jeans (similar ethical option)
  19. Black jeggings
  20. Mushroom fedora (similar)
  21. Blush hair bow
  22. Blush bandana
  23. Blush scarf
  24. Grey scarf (similar and similar ethical option)
  25. Checked scarf
  26. Canvas sneakers
  27. Leather sneakers
  28. Mushroom chelsea boots (similar or similar ethical option)
  29. Black lace up boots (similar)
  30. Tan winter boots
  31. Tan bucket bag
  32. Black tote bag
  33. Sunglasses
  34. Long necklace
  35. Short necklace
  36. Watch
  37. Bracelete
  38. Cuff
  39. Ring


Want to see what the outfits from my Autumn ’17 capsule wardrobe look like? As the season goes on I will be adding my outfits to this list for you. You can also check out my Autumn ’17 capsule on Instagram with #jaydeautumncapsule17.

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